A properly positioned weldment, regardless its size, can be easily maneuvered into a position that allows the most effective welding while at the same time reducing welder’s fatigue, increasing its safety, quality of weldment and production floor space.
No chains, no cranes needed – each type of Kovaco Welding Positioners: manual, semiautomated, fully programmable or robotically integrated, help to overcome various challenges, as today every manufacturer is being forced to do more with less.

* – dimensions of positioners may vary depending on the particular configuration

Innovative solutions by Kovaco… pave the way for a better tomorrow!

Years of experience, since 1991, allow Kovaco to call themselves specialist in a field of implementations of complex work stations.

Concept “Welding Positioner” can be equally applied to all types of weldments, large and small, were every single case in KOVACO is being treated with the utmost attention.

Kovaco Welding Positioner – is an investment with a short term payback in ones production, along with… employee well – being, decreasing welding cost and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Kovaco experience and professionalism allow to accompany its client during the entire supply process and within all activities:

  • defining technical assignments based on requirements
  • evaluation of options and proposal of technical solutions
  • serious and quick negotiations of sales contracts
  • construction and production
  • testing, installation and handover
  • full training

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