Kovaco Attachments

High-quality standard and precisely in-house manufactured attachments

Kovaco has been manufacturing attachments for skid steer loaders, tractors, backhoe loaders, telescopic handlers and many other equipment since 1991. Our main goal is to supply quality products to the market at a reasonable price. The quality of our products is ensured through testing and certificates.

Max. diameter of the wood: 80mm

Output size: 0 – 30mm

Rotary head: 600mm

Load: 2545lbs – 15432lbs

Drill diameter: 6inch – 35inch

Ball diameter: 47inch – 79inch

Bucket width: 55inch – 86inch

Bucket width: 55inch – 94inch

Operating width: 59inch – 102inch

Operating width: 94inch – 106inch

Sweeping width: 49inch – 71inch

Sweeping width: 55inch – 94inch

Digging depth: 5,25ft – 10,17ft

Tractor power: 45 Hp – 100 Hp

Volume: 71gal – 132gal

Working width: 72inch

Operational volume: 52gal – 264gal

Bucket width: 39inch – 63inch

Width: 59inch – 134inch

Width: 63inch – 106inch

Load: 1763lbs –  4409lbs

Working width: 65inch – 79inch

Load: 882lbs – 6613lbs

Max diameter of the sheared wood: 8inch

Loading capacity: 2645lbs – 6613lbs

Volume: 132gal – 396gal

For machines with weight: up to 10 tons – over 10 tons

For machines with weight: up to 10 tons – over 10 tons

Load: 4409lbs – 11023lbs

Max winding drum diameter: 55inch

Working width: 38inch – 60inch

Operational width: 59inch – 83inch

Operational width: 83inch – 94inch

Max. width of spreading: 236inch

Bucket width: 12inch – 35inch

Digging depth: 5,57ft – 10,82ft

Tractor power: up to 60 Hp – over 60 Hp

Bucket width: 39inch – 79inch

Width: 79inch – 118inch

Max. diameter chopped wood: 14inch – 24inch


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